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Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance
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Washington County Historical Society

The Washington County Historical Preservation Society was founded in July 1985 to preserve and protect the history of the area. In 1986, the city of Chipley leased the Society the historic ice plant building situated under the old water tower at the intersection of highway 90 and highway 77. As time went on, the collection grew with artifacts of Washington County’s history. Ten years later, on October 15, 1996, the Historical Society held a Grand Opening at the Museum and began inviting the public to visit.

In 2010, the Historical Society was able to secure a new and improved location for the Museum at the Bill Lee Train Depot and the old Chipley Chamber of Commerce building, located at the Farmer's Market in downtown Chipley. This new location provides the room needed to continue the Museum's growth and allows for more interpretive displays of collections. The new site also offers more opportunities for events at the Museum because of the surrounding lawn and gazebo.

Some of the displays at the Bill Lee Train Depot include train station memorabilia, the biography of W. D. Chipley, a turpentine industrial display, and a military display. The Farmer's Market Building includes the E. W. Carswell Research Library, genealogy records, drawings of local sites by Don Crossley, a natural history display, a farm implement display, and a Native American artifacts display.

685 7th Avenue, Chipley
Open Fridays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM
and the first Saturday of every month from 9:00 AM until noon.


Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/Washington-County-Historical-Society-193811064021097