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Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance
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Panhandle Pioneer Settlement

The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement is a living history museum located in Blountstown as a part of the Sam B. Atkins Park. It is a collection of historical and recreated buildings arranged to simulate an early agricultural community, with a pioneer settlement and a farmstead. The museum sits on 47 acres in Calhoun County.

The founders, Linda and Willard Smith, first envisioned the settlement years before it became a reality. As people who lived the pioneer lifestyle, they realized values and traditions were being lost, and they wanted to preserve the pioneer traditions that formed the panhandle region. With a dedicated group of supporters and volunteers working with perseverance, commitment, and passion, the settlement was officially started in July 1989. Through a land grant lease from Calhoun County, the settlement was able to move its first buildings onto the site, and materials were brought from around the region to preserve the pioneer lifestyle and stand as a living history experience to educate future generations. As a public educational institution the museum's vision is to:

  • Preserve the pioneer lifestyle for future generations;
  • Encourage interest in the stories and ways of the past;
  • Provide relevant and creative educational programs, performances, exhibits, and visitor experiences; and
  • Create an inviting environment where ideas are shared and gathered.

The purpose of the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement Museum is to promote knowledge and understanding of the history of pioneer life in Calhoun County and the surrounding northwest Florida region. This purpose is fulfilled by preserving, maintaining, and interpreting the site, structures, and collections and making them available to the public for research, education programs, and appropriate private and community functions.

The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement is a non profit, 501(c)3 organization that survives by membership dues and donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses. All donations are used to support the museum and go towards fulfilling its mission.

Join the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement members this Saturday, November 25, for Sugar Cane Syrup-Making Day. Demonstrations of the pioneer way of making syrup start at 8:00 a.m.

Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
17869 NW Pioneer Settlement Road, Sam B. Atkins Park, Blountstown