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Calhoun County

Calhoun County Cemeteries by Location

* Denotes cemeteries said to exist but not yet located.
** Denotes cemetery locations with no known list of burials.


Altha Cemetery

Chipola Cemetery

Farmer Family Cemetery

Jehu Cemetery

Mount Olive Cemetery

O'Bryan Cemetery

Page Pond Cemetery

Richards Cemetery also listed as Ritchards Cemetery

Victory Hill Pentecostal Cemetery also listed as Holiness Church Cemetery


Atkins Cemetery

* ** Blountstown Cemetery

Boggs Cemetery

Fenn Family Cemetery

Hugh Creek Cemetery

Lost Cemetery

Magnolia Baptist Church Cemetery

Nettle Ridge Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery

Pine Memorial Cemetery

Williams Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery

Wood Cemetery


Clarksville Baptist Church Cemetery

Clarksville Cemetery

Pippen Cemetery also listed as Pippin Cemetery

Poplar Baptist Church Cemetery

Poplar Head Baptist Church Cemetery

Poplar Head Cemetery

Travelers Rest Cemetery

Williams Cemetery


Frinks Community Cemetery


Cypress Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Scotts Ferry

Old Shiloh Cemetery

Scott Cemetery

Unidentified Locations

Abe Springs Baptist Church Cemetery

Abe Springs Cemetery

Ayers Cemetery

Baileys Cemetery

** Barfield Cemetery

Barton Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

* ** Beulah Cemetery

Burke Family Cemetery

Camps Head Cemetery

* ** Carraway Cemetery

* ** Cocoanut Cemetery

Edenfield Cemetery

** Gortemoller Cemetery

Gospel Church Cemetery

Graves Creek Cemetery

Herndon Cemetery

* ** Hick's Creek

Laramore Cemetery

* ** Linton Cemetery

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery

* ** Matthews Cemetery

McClellan Cemetery - 1

* ** McClellan Cemetery - 2

Messer Cemetery

* ** New Pippin Cemetery

New Shiloh Cemetery

Ocheesee Cemetery

Old Shiloh Cemetery

Open Arms Assembly of God Cemetery

Red Oak Cemetery

* ** Scotland Cemetery

* ** Scotts Ferry

Stone Cemetery - 1

Stone Cemetery - 2

Sunny Hill Cemetery

Sweet Peace Cemetery

* ** Whitfield Cemetery

William A. Bason Memorial Cemetery

Woods Cemetery

Wrennie Moody Road Cemetery

* ** Yon Cemetery