Disasters and Museum Preparedness

The Disasters and Museum Preparedness (DaMP) workshop is a half-day program aimed at helping community museums and archives prepare for emergencies of any size, from hurricanes to leaky roofs. Organizations participating in this program will get a start on forming an emergency response team, assessing the risks their institution faces, prioritizing their collection, creating an emergency contact list, and more! Storms will come and roofs will leak, but we can take steps now to reduce or even eliminate the impact these events have on our collections and facilities.

This program requires:

  • At least 6 participants from the host institution (staff, board members, or volunteers).
  • Floor plans for all buildings the institution manages that we can write on.

Tristan Harrenstein, M.A., RPA
Florida Public Archaeology Network
Public Archaeology Coordinator
North Central Region
(850) 391-8073